Launch of the LeadAction Ovarian Cancer Competition
Joint call for projects: IRICoR and Ovarian Cancer Canada



Description of the competition and its promoters 

In the context of its LeadAction Competition Series and in order to foster the emergence of the best discoveries, this year IRICoR, along with Ovarian Cancer Canada, is launching a new LeadAction Ovarian Cancer research competition. The goal of this joint call for projects is to provide funding for innovative ovarian cancer research projects, in Quebec and across Canada, in order to accelerate the discovery of new treatments that are accessible to patients.


Project eligibility

Investigators are invited to present projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Foster major therapeutic advances for the benefit of patients;
  • Address an unmet and clearly identified clinical need;
  • Present great scientific and commercial potential aimed at showcasing research and innovation in Quebec and across the rest of Canada;
  • Aim to develop biopharmaceutical compounds or biotherapies;
  • Be situated between the hits to leads transition and pre-clinical studies.


Competition total budget: $4 M


Grant amount per project: 

  • maximum of $500,000 for 2 years for translational research activities, from hit to lead and/or lead optimization.


  • maximum of $ 1 M for 2 years for preclinical research activities


Co-funding is not mandatory.

 NOTE: The maximum amount awarded for this competition is $1 M per project for 2 years and the allocated funds must be spent in Canada.


Important dates
Deadline for submitting the Notice of Intent: March 17, 2020, by 4:30 pm
Deadline for submitting the Complete Application: June 16, 2020, by 4:30 pm


Competition Guide

Notice of Intent

FAQ_LeadAction Ovarian Cancer








For more information, please contact:

  • LeadAction Ovarian Cancer Competition: Audrey Segret, Project Manager – IRICoR.
  • IRICoR : Audrey Segret, Project Manager – IRICoR
  • Ovarian Cancer Canada: Alicia Tone Project manager and Scientific Advisor– Ovarian Cancer Canada.

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