Today at #CSPC2021 IRICoR is proud to be part of the discussions on trends in science policy in Canada. Don't miss this important event with Nadine Beauger, President and CEO of IRICoR, and guest panelist.


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2 organizations @IRICoR and @OvarianCanada aiming to accelerate the discovery of new treatments in ovarian cancer ==> $2.3M invested ==> 3 projects

Rediscover the winning research teams and their promising projects in pictures.

2 organisations @OvarianCanada et @IRICoR_ voulant accélérer la découverte de nouveaux traitements en cancer de l'ovaire ==> 2,3 M$ investi ==> 3 projets de recherche.

Redécouvrez les équipes de recherche récipiendaires et leurs projets en images

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