.@ExCellThera, a spin-off from CCRM (our first!) and @IRICoR_, combines the work of @SauvageauGuy, Anne Marinier & @PZandstra (L-R) to optimize cord blood grafts for #HSCT. It has made great progress since 2015, incl. reporting on Phase II data in 2020. #CCRM10Years

Soutien à l'entrepreneuriat - Appui de 960 000 $ pour la création du Centre d'expertise québécois en capital d'investissement http://www.quotidieneconomique.com/actualite/quotidiens/26847-soutien-a-l-entrepreneuriat-appui-de-960-000-pour-la-creation-du-centre-d-expertise-quebecois-en-capital-d-investissement.html

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