Accelerate the discovery and commercialization of novel highly innovative therapies

Accelerate the transformation of research into innovation for the benefit of patients

IRICoR’s main mission is to accelerate the discovery and development of innovative therapies towards their commercialization in the targeted areas of cancer and related diseases by establishing strategic partnerships with industry or creating spinoff companies. In order to accomplish that, IRICoR uses a flexible and versatile business model, adapted to the demands of both the academic and private sectors.  As a result, IRICoR generates an increasing number of high value-added assets for the benefit of patients while ensuring returns for all stakeholders involved for a constant renewal of promising projects.


Be a world leader in cancer drug development

IRICoR shapes its positioning as a world leader in supporting and adding value to an increasing number of pan-Canadian and international drug discovery research projects. The organization thus contributes to provide visibility to Quebec and Canadian scientific excellence in drug discovery.

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