High-impact achievements

High-impact achievements


Since its creation in 2008, IRICoR combines business and leading-edge research.

Our successful roadmap, with more than 10 years of significant achievements, testifies to our commitment to propel the development of novel therapies with a true impact on the health and life of Canadians.

The significant support of the Canadian government, as part of the 2018 edition of the Centre of Excellence in Commercialization and Research (CECR) Program, as well as that of the Quebec government, allows us to expand our research maturation activities toward commercialization across Canada, while contributing to the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship among the next generation of life science leaders.


In just over 10 years, IRICoR has achieved or significantly contributed to the following achievements:

4 companies created (3 active) (ExcellThera; SpecificiT Pharma; Domain Therapeutics NA)

∾  60 patent families generated

27 strategic partnerships with industry

∾  50 partnered projects

∾  80 project financings

24 license agreements

7 clinical trials started

4 pan-Canadian calls for projects launched

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