IRICoR welcomes the appointment of Nadine Beauger as a member of the Board of Directors of Canada’s Stem Cell Network

IRICoR is therefore pleased to announce the appointment of its President and CEO, Ms. Nadine Beauger, to the Board of Directors of Canada’s Stem Cell Network (SCN).

SCN’s Board of Directors provides oversight for strategic planning, annual budgets, performance management and risk mitigation. It is also responsible for confirming the research funding recommendations of SCN’s Research Management Committee and ensuring due diligence has been met in reviewing all research funding applications. Directors serve for three-year terms with an option to renew for a second three-year term.

“It is with pride that I join the board of directors of Canada’s Stem Cell Network. I am very excited to combine my expertise with that of my new colleagues on the Board. An excellent opportunity to help commit to the future of stem cell and regenerative medicine research in Canada! ”said Dr. Beauger.

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