Project identification

Evaluation and selection of projects with great scientific and commercial potential


IRICoR proactively attracts the most promising research projects, in Canada and abroad, and ensures a very thorough selection process. Projects are identified through themed calls for projects and through ad hoc initiatives.

In addition to its privileged position in academia, the organization maintains fruitful collaborations and partnerships with about forty research centres across Canada and internationally. These agreements, combined with strategic initiatives, allow us to target, at an early-stage, the most promising drug discovery projects, which set themselves apart through their scientific excellence, the clarity of their development on their way to the clinic and their commercial development potential.

After being preselected by the IRICoR team, all projects are submitted to an independent evaluation committee made up of academic research, biopharmaceutical industry and business specialists. The complementarity of expertise of these evaluators ensures the selection of the most promising projects within the organization’s strategic areas of focus.


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