Access to technological core facilities

Access to technological core facilities and to leading expertise

In an effort to accelerate the transformation of research into innovations, IRICoR leverages its privileged access to IRIC’s 10 technological core facilities, including access to UdeM’s Drug Discovery Unit, which includes the largest university-based medicinal chemistry team in Canada. The selected projects also benefit from access to the infrastructures and expertise of IRICoR’s vast network of institutional and private partners, spanning the drug discovery chain.

By working closely with experienced scientists and professionals who ensure the continuous supervision and development of the core facilities, IRICoR’s team is able to quickly integrate cutting-edge research units and infrastructures, coordinate resources and expertise in an optimal way and increase the value of the projects selected.

IRICoR’s ability to access such a wide range of innovative skills and tools, including emerging technologies and approaches such as deep learning in artificial intelligence, analysis of Big Data and chemogenomics is unequalled in Canada and contributes to establishing our leadership with respect to developing next-generation cancer treatments.


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