Development of a commercialization strategy


IRICoR realizes its mission of accelerating the transformation of research into therapeutic solutions for the benefit of patients by using its business expertise and its ability to implement the best commercialization strategies.

Each project is submitted to a careful analysis of the clinical need, of the market opportunities and of the risk assessment in order to establish, right from the start, a clear path to commercialization through strategic partnerships with existing biopharmaceutical companies or the creation of spinoff companies with financial partners. Our ability to forge successful collaborations leading to tangible success confirms the effectiveness of IRICoR’s unique model.



We design an individual exit strategy for each project for the purpose of maximizing the return on the capital invested. Revenues generated by licensing or royalty payments among other sources are reinvested in future projects to continuously feed the portfolio. As a result, we contribute to actively fostering the drug discovery chain and ensuring the effective transformation of the research results into positive outcomes for patients.

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