From discovery to commercialization

From discovery to commercialization

As a key resource in drug discovery, IRICoR does everything possible to bring the most innovative research projects to maturation, in order for them to lead to the commercialization of new treatments readily accessible to patients.

We bring professional scientific and business support that meets the requirements of both academia and private companies. We facilitate knowledge transfer between academia and industry from target identification to clinical trials, and ensure the efficient transformation of research discoveries into innovation by integrating all value-added activities.

Our main asset lies in our strategic guidance model that results in optimizing the processes at each stage of development.

  • Evaluation and selection of the most promising projects, scientifically and commercially
  • Providing of cutting-edge expertise and technological core facilities spanning the drug discovery chain
  • Project management in accordance with industry standards and internal expertise in intellectual property, drug development and business development
  • Forging of targeted partnerships, scientific and financial, and creation of new companies
  • Creation and maintenance of highly qualified jobs in a cutting-edge sector

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Project identification

Access to technological core facilities



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