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Principal Investigator Michel Bouvier

Competitive Advantages

BMS_Undisclosed target – Oncology – Small molecule targeting protein kinase protein-protein interactions (Ras-Raf) (from june 2015 to oct 2015)

CXCR4 (from octo 2015 to june 2016)

AT1R from june 2016 to oct 2016

BMS_Developing novel functionally-selective therapeutics targeting the FPR2 recepor (from oct 2016 to may 2017)

BMS_Kinase inhibitors against a novel kinase target linked to HCC – Yes (from may 2017 to sept 2017)

BMS_ BRG1 (from sept 2017 to oct 2017)

BMS_Cardiology_ AT1R_Activity 2 GPCR-2 (from oct 2017 to …..)