Therapeutic Area Oncology - solid tumors

Advanced stage liver cancer


To complete pre-clinical validation of protein kinase X (PKX) as novel therapeutic agent in HCC

Type of Target Novel HCC target
IP Status Provisional application filed
Principal Investigator Sylvain Meloche
Type of Partnership Sought Research collaboration, license

Competitive Advantages

• Access to a unique expertise in functional genomics and high throughput genome-scale RNAi loss-of-function screening

• Expertise in the primary culture of hepatocytes and human hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cells, and in the histopathological analysis of liver tumors

• Generation of novel proprietary validated targets for the treatment of HCC

• In-house capacity to move selective and potent lead inhibitors of HCC cells in in vivo proof-of-concept studies in a disease-relevant animal model to pharmacologically validate the selected therapeutic targets.

Kinase inhibitors (HCC) – Yes* (from june 2016 to may 2017_

Smal molecule inhibitors of ATPase activity (BRAHMA)  from may 2017 to sept 2017

BMS_ Undisclosed target – Immunology – Biased signaling profiling of S1P ligands using BRET-based biosensor platform (from sept 2017 to