On the Path to Inclusivity, Even Small Steps Keep Us Moving Forward

Narjes Achach, PharmD, LLM, Intellectual Property Analyst at IRICoR, took up pen to write a brilliant and insightful articleon the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the AUTM newsletter.

What can we do to keep the discussion open and move forward as a society and individual?

? 3 words : Educate / Engage / Endure


“In this column we often hear from people who have done big things to support diversity and inclusion in technology transfer and the innovation ecosystem. Their stories are impressive, but they can also be intimidating. You may feel that you, by yourself, can’t make a difference unless you can fund a scholarship, launch an awareness campaign or create a new policy for your office or university. But let me assure you that even the smallest actions do have impact…..”             To read the article, here






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