Nadine Beauger, Panelist at the CSPC Conference

On November 22nd, Nadine Beauger, President and Chief Executive Officer of IRICoR, was invited as a panellist at the 13th Canadian Science Policy Conference, presented by the Canadian Science Policy Centre (CSPC). For this occasion, Nadine participated in the session “Realizing Canada’s Life Sciences Opportunities,” moderated by Gordon C. McCauley, President & CEO of adMare BioInnovations, along with Cate Murray, Executive Director of Stem Cell Network and Rob Annan, President & CEO of Genome Canada.

The panellists were able to demonstrate through their respective experiences the importance of the Canadian life sciences industry, its role in producing new health innovations and its contribution to all of society as an engine of economic growth.

Nadine was able to explain how IRICoR contributes to the Canadian life sciences ecosystem through its dynamism, its innovative character and its collaborative model.

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