Ms Nioucha Rodrigue joins the IRICoR team

IRICoR is very pleased to announce the appointment of Nioucha Rodrigue, as a Financial Controller. In this role, Mrs Rodrigue will collaborate in the planning, development and implementation of IRICoR’s budget as well as in the forecasting process. She will also play an advisory role in optimizing the management of financial resources.

Mrs Rodrigue joins the IRICoR team with more than 10 years of experience. Prior joingning IRICoR, she worked for several years as a financial analyst for government agencies where she held positions in financial compliance and budget processes. In addition to these financial accounting skills, Nioucha has developed her professional knowledge of taxation. She worked as a tax specialist for several years for professional firms and private companies. As a tax accountant, she has developed multiple and varied skills in various fields, including that of financial and business strategy development..

Nioucha is a member of CPA and holds a master’s degree in taxation from the University of Sherbrooke.

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