IRICoR Welcomes Announcement of NeoMed Creation

IRICoR welcomes the announcement of NĒOMED creation which is the result of a partnership between the Quebec government and two leaders in the country’s biopharmaceutical industry Astra Zeneca and Pfizer.

 “The creation of this new company is clearly another step to accelerate the Quebec life science sector”, mentioned Michel Bouvier, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Centre of Excellence and Research — IRICoR. Moreover, M. Bouvier added that IRICoR already foresees many collaboration opportunities with NĒOMEDin order to maximize both scientific and economic benefits for Quebec and for Canada.

NĒOMED is a not-for-profit organization that will pioneer a new approach to drug development as a public-private partnership with the Québec government and bio-pharmaceutical companies. NĒOMED is a response to the changing Pharma R&D business model: in view of the considerable gap between basic research and later-stage drug development, we seek to create a bridge. We will provide expertise and funding for academic labs and early biotechs, assisting them in bringing emerging therapeutic approaches to the stage of human proof of concept; at which point these de-risked projects will have gained significant value for NĒOMED’s downstream partners. The NĒOMED Institute occupying the former AstraZeneca facility in the Technoparc Montréal is a biopharmaceutical research hub based on a new model where players in the life sciences ecosystem (pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, venture capitalists and contract research organizations (CROs)) will be co-located to facilitate innovation, collaboration and creativity. The institute and its partners will benefit from an impressive array of rare and highly specialized equipment in laboratories specifically designed for the discovery of small-molecule drugs.

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