IRICoR participates in the Networks-Internship event of the Faculté de Pharmacie at the UdeM

On February 11, 2021, the Networks-Internship event took place. This speed dating activity (consisting of 10-minute meetings) aims to unite 1st and 2nd year students of the Bachelor of Biopharmaceutical Sciences (BSBP) with professionals in this industry.

The event allowed 90 students to have access to more than 40 professionals. BSBP students sent invitations to professionals they wished to meet in order to reserve discussion time slots. Ms. Hélène Grangé, Contract and License Manager at IRICoR took part in this event. Ms. Hélène Grangé was able to discuss and answer students ‘questions concerning her personal development and the students’ professional aspirations. These discussions allowed the students to better understand the reality of different biopharmaceutical environments (public and private) and to understand what innovation means in academia.

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