IRIC Expands Its Medicinal Chemistry Laboratories at the NEOMED Institute

Éric Jolicoeur and Sasmita Tripathy, Research Officers  at IRIC’s Medicinal Chemistry Core Facility

Éric Jolicoeur and Sasmita Tripathy, Research Officers
at IRIC’s Medicinal Chemistry Core Facility

Montreal, July 29, 2014 – Université de Montréal’s (UdeM) Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC) has just inaugurated a medicinal chemistry laboratory within the NEOMED Institute in order to meet the increased demand for this expertise.

This expansion was carried out under the existing strategic collaboration agreement signed in 2013 between NEOMED, UdeM, and IRICoR (IRIC’s research commercialization unit) to accelerate the development and transfer of promising drugs between academia and the biopharmaceutical industry by sharing access to each other’s facilities of cutting-edge technology, equipment, expertise, and resources. For further details, please see the press release.

“Due to the growing number of ongoing projects with several partners, this addition to our research infrastructure was needed to fulfill our mandate to develop new drugs against cancer and other therapeutic targets associated with this disease,” said
Anne Marinier, Principal Investigator and Director of Medicinal Chemistry at IRIC, and Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry (UdeM).

“We are thrilled to welcome a team from IRIC to the NEOMED Institute. With 22 resident companies dedicated to the development of innovative drugs, hosting over 45 medicinal chemists, our Institute constitutes an important critical mass in this area. Medicinal chemistry is a crucial step in the development of safe and effective drugs,” declared
Max Fehlmann, President and CEO of the NEOMED Institute. “The proximity between our resident companies and IRIC will stimulate the emergence of new projects and successful collaborations,” added Mr. Fehlmann.

“This partnership with NEOMED once again demonstrates the need to unite the various players of the pharmaceutical industry in order to advance promising projects more quickly,” added Steven Klein, Vice President of Business Development at IRICoR.

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