Epitopea raises seed financing – $ 14M

IRICoR is delighted with the announcement made today by Epitopea, a transatlantic cancer immunotherapeutics company, on a $13.6M seed investment from a transatlantic syndicate of top-tier life sciences investors, including AdventLifeSciences, CTI Life Sciences, Cambridge Innovation Capital (CIC) and Fonds de solidarité FTQ.

The company’s proprietary technology provides an innovative approach to identifying shared, aberrantly expressed tumour specific antigens, known as CryptigensTM, that it has exclusively licensed from the Université de Montréal (UdeM).This program has been identified and supported by IRICoR, very early in its development. Over the past few years, IRICoR has added value to this project through significant financial, intellectual property strategy, and business development support in order to identify the best partners for the creation of a company..

The seed round funding will be used to build the company’s executive team, advance further research on this new class of antigens, and catalyse their translation into novel cancer immunotherapeutics, including therapeutic vaccines, cell therapies, and TCR-based biologics.

To read the press release here

Epitopea in BioWorld (April 2022, Volume 33, No 77) : here

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