$500,000 donation from Fondation Marcel et Rolande Gosselin for IRIC’s chemolibrary

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First row (left to right): Paul Jutras, Administrator of the Fondation Marcel et Rolande Gosselin; Valérie Ménard; Micheline Patenaude; Stéphanie Ménard; Jacques André Gratton, Administrator of the Fondation Marcel et Rolande Gosselin; Michel Bouvier, Chief Executive Officer of IRIC.
Second row (left to right): Jules Brossard, Administrator of the Fondation Marcel et Rolande Gosselin; Gil Desaulets, Chief Executive Officer of the UdeM’s Bureau of Development and Alumni Affairs; Anne Marinier, Principal investigator and director of medicinal chemistry at IRIC; Gérald Boismenu, IRIC’s Member of the Board of Directors and Vice-Rector of the UdeM’s Academic Development and Institutional Transformation.

The Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC) of the Université de Montréal (UdM) is pleased to announce a very generous donation of $500,000 from Fondation Marcel et Rolande Gosselin for its chemolibrary.

The IRIC chemolibrary is a collection of molecules used by researchers at the Institute during high-throughput screenings conducted to identify entities with a particular biological activity. These molecules form the basis of new drugs that will then be designed by researchers on the Institute’s medicinal chemistry and drug discovery team. They also constitute molecular tools that are useful in understanding the biological processes that cause cancer, and will have significant repercussions on research at the Institute. More precisely, the goal of the Fondation Marcel et Rolande Gosselin donation to the chemolibrary is to expand the collection of molecules by funding the synthesis of innovative new molecules that will take their place alongside the existing compounds.

“This donation demonstrates once again the faith that people have in IRIC and its ability to implement projects that will have a sure impact on those with cancer,” emphasized Robert Tessier, IRIC’s chairman of the board. “I thank the representatives of Fondation Marcel et Rolande Gosselin for underwriting the development of the Institute’s chemolibrary and for a contribution that will make it possible to accelerate the discovery of successful ground-breaking therapies.”

“We’re extremely grateful to Fondation Marcel et Rolande Gosselin for their support, which comes at just the right time in the development of new projects at the Institute,” stated Michel Bouvier, chief executive officer of IRIC. “This financial assistance will enable our team of chemists to design and synthesize new molecules that explore new chemical spaces and that respond to the quality criteria of the biopharmaceutical industry, permitting IRIC to maintain its momentum as a leader in research into new drugs.”

“The donation from Fondation Marcel et Rolande Gosselin was made to IRIC to develop a new molecule collection that will allow the Institute’s researchers to target unprecedented therapeutic approaches,” specified Anne Marinier, medicinal chemistry director and researcher at IRIC. “We’re extremely happy at the confidence that the trustees of the Fondation have shown in us. Thanks to their generosity, IRIC will have at its disposal an exclusive chemical library that will be essential to the enrichment of its breeding ground of compounds in development.”

Mr. Paul Jutras of Fondation Marcel et Rolande Gosselin spoke of “the extraordinary work of the Institute’s researchers and chemists,” noting also that “this donation would surely have pleased Mr. and Mrs. Gosselin. This legacy in their name is a symbol of their generosity and their eagerness to support causes that make a difference.” He added that “the unique and ground-breaking model of IRIC’s research along with its ultramodern technological platforms convinced the Fondation trustees that molecules originating in the chemolibrary will make it possible to save lives.”

About Fondation Marcel et Rolande Gosselin
Fondation Marcel et Rolande Gosselin was founded to promote research in heart disease, cancer and childhood diseases. The foundation bears the name of two Montrealers, Marcel Gosselin, who passed away in 1981, and his wife, Rolande Gosselin (née Dubreuil), who died in 2002. To date, donations from the foundation have led to the creation of an art therapy program for the Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau at CHU Sainte-Justine, a special asthma fund at the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, and the Marcel et Rolande Gosselin Chair in cognitive neuroscience in autism at the Université de Montréal.

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